DRIVE isn’t a one size fits all solution, but rather customized to a particular business. Buyers are changing. Their perspectives towards retailers are changing and their purchasing habits are changing. They are no longer responsive to simple branded content or basic promotional messaging. DRIVE monitors these changes and suggests to retailers the best course of action to increase sales.

DRIVE amplifies the opportunity for a retailer to deploy highly personalized marketing messaging across traditional and digital channels as well as automatically acting as a sales professionals’ personal follow-up system, ensuring they manage their leads properly every time.

There are endless marketing tools out there for retailers, but tangible results can be hard to come by. You spend countless hours chasing fruitless leads and trying to make sense of endless amounts of data from your marketing campaigns. With DRIVE, those days are over.

Armed with smart CRM, DRIVE tracks the sales process from beginning to end, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity. And with DRIVE, there is no question as to what ROI will be on a marketing investment. All marketing efforts are measurable through a completely integrated system, finally giving independent retailers access to a one-stop digital marketing solution.

DRIVE is built to help retailers across multiple sectors with marketing that is customized to the needs of a particular vertical.