Feature Fueled

What’s in the Box?

Capture & Create Leads

Mange leads & opportunities with an easy to use mobile app.

Custom Content

Original, curated and syndicated content custom built for each sector.

Robust Reporting

Provides insight into where the biggest opportunities exist.

Marketing Automation

Seamless customer journeys include personalized and targeted emails, SMS and push notifications, direct mail and customer appreciation gifting campaigns.

Social Media Engagement

Plan and publish content to instantly connect with customers.

Cloud Based CRM

A powerful CRM platform powered by one central hub.

Lead Scoring

Customize marketing interactions based on potential value of the lead.

True Marketing Automation

Unlike antiquated emailing marketing, which is linear in nature, DRIVE's email communication is personalized based on how a customer scores through its unique ability to grade a customer in real-time whether the lead comes in via a phone call, an online form or through walk-in traffic. Lead scoring allows messaging to be customized based on the overall value of the lead, filling the sales funnel with high quality leads through a central hub managed by the DRIVE team, making it easy and automated for the retailer and ensuring every lead gets followed up on the right way. DRIVE creates personalized experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising, and the web, that allow retailers to spark conversations with customers based on real-time interactions and connect point-of-sale systems to completely close the loop on the customer journey.

Smart CRM

A smart device (smartphone or tablet) enabled CRM and customer follow up platform is at the heart of DRIVE. Sales Professionals can review incoming leads, current sales opportunities, daily calendar activities, customer reviews, outbound customer communications, current installations or deliveries and even email customers on demand. DRIVE also provides owners and sales managers with their own customized view to ensure that the sales process runs smoothly from the inbound lead all the way through the customer follow up process.

Intelligent Marketing with Results

With DRIVE, there is no question as to what the ROI will be on a marketing investment. All email marketing, social media marketing, lead scoring and direct to consumer marketing is measurable because of point of sale data integration, online landing page lead conversion, best-in-class metrics, customized lead dashboards for sales professionals and owners/managers and more. DRIVE finally gives an independent retailer access to a one-stop digital marketing solution.

Social Media Automation

Most retailers are strapped for time, aren’t sure what social media channels to be on, don’t have time to develop a sound social media strategy that balances the need to produce engaging content and use social media as a selling tool. DRIVE completely automates the social media process for retailers by developing content from sector experts, finding the right time to publish that content and adjust and refine messaging to build an audience and convert savvy social prospects to buyers. Engaging customers on social media isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must for independent retailers. DRIVE makes it easy by taking the heavy lifting of developing content off the shoulders of the independent retailer.

Smart Direct-To-Customer Communications

The old approach to marketing to customers and prospects was considered a “spray and pray” approach. Today, customers expect to be communicated with in a personalized way that earns business and trust. The DRIVE platform uses customer information (through point of sale data, lead scoring, and engagement activity) and executes pre-sale, post-sale and ongoing direct marketing (in addition to the email marketing automation) to send thank you gifts to customers based on the preference of the retailer to generate differentiation and preference for the independent retailer. Gifts are chosen from an online catalog of personalized gifts specific to the vertical.